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Why Partner with a Travel Franchise

Once you’ve determined that you have a passion for travel and would like to make a business out of it, the next logical question is, how do I get started?  Joining a host or a franchise like cruise Planners is the best way to sell travel for several reasons.  When you join a host/franchise, you are joining an entire network of advisors and a headquarter team that can help you in your new journey. At Cruise Planners, the executive team has a collective 140 years of experience in the travel industry and have created a proven system of success for their network of 2,500 advisors.

Here are some of the main reasons why aligning with a host/franchise is your safest bet when starting out:

1. Brand recognition

Franchising in general is a great way to start a new business because of the instant brand recognition that a new business owner receives – especially with Cruise Planners. If you start a business from scratch, you would have to build your brand, which would take time. Franchises, on the other hand, are already well-known businesses with established recognition and credibility built in.

2. Buying power

One great aspect about joining a franchise is the collective buying power you get by being affiliated. Cruise Planners is a top producer with all major cruise lines, all-inclusive resorts and tour companies.  This gives you access to exclusive deals and additional benefits for your clients and top commission earnings for you.

3. Training

We know that a more educated agent is always the most successful one.  From the very first day, our franchises receive access to training to help them on their way to successful travel franchise business.  In addition, all franchisees attend a 6 day, in person training class where they will receive hands-on technology training, marketing training and learn about dozens of travel supplier products.

4. Marketing

As part of the Cruise Planners family, you will have access to our award-winning, turnkey, marketing that will do the heavy lifting for you. These marketing tools will help you reach all of your clients and prospects in all forms of marketing channels from direct mail pieces, magazines, emails and social media.

5.  Support

One of the benefits of a Cruise Planners franchise is that every franchise is assigned a dedicated business development coach to help them grow.  There are weekly webinars, frequent one on one business reviews and a customer service team completely dedicated to the needs of the franchise owner.

6. Lower risk

There is no guarantee in any business but getting started with a franchise allows you a little more piece of mind, since it’s a proven system that works. Most franchises are owned by established corporations that have tested and proven the business model of the franchise in multiple markets. The success rate of independent small businesses is close to 80% after the first year of operation. It drops to 50% after five years and two-thirds will fail within 10 years. In contrast, and according to a multi-year FranNet study, 92% of their franchise placements were still in business after two years and 85% were still successful after five years.

7. Be your own boss

One of the biggest benefits of owning a franchise is being your own boss. When starting a Cruise Planners franchise, you get to be your own boss with the added benefit of receiving support from the franchise’s knowledge base. You also have the ability to work from anywhere and anytime with our mobile technology.

9. Technology

Find a host that has good technology. Today’s travel is complicated, and by having a solid CRM tool, and other forms of technology, can make you much more efficient, which can change the way you do business. It’s one of the best benefits of franchising. Go where there’s a proven track record of success.

10. Better Success Rate

In general, franchises have a better success rate than solo businesses.  Not going at it alone allows you a chance to join a successful brand with support that can help you navigate all situations.  Also, franchises have already proven their business concept, so you have reassurance that the products or services you’ll be offering are in demand.

With a Cruise Planners travel franchise, you’ll earn the highest commissions in the industry on all travel that you sell (cruises, car rentals, tours, hotel bookings, travel insurance, and more). We provide our agents with comprehensive training, their own websites, booking tools, marketing materials, and support from our Home Office Team that helps them start a home-based business and grow it.

In addition to being ranked as the #1 travel franchise by Entrepreneur for 18 years in a row and #1 in the travel category from Franchise Business Review, we’ve earned a variety of awards and accolades over the years.

In the end, it’s about choosing the right host/franchise agency from the start.